Adrian Mihalcioiu was born in March 1979 in the Transylvanian city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He starts his education at "George Cosbuc" National College (1985-1993) then at "Tiberiu Popoviciu" Computer Science High School (1993-1997). Between 1996 and 2001 Adrian Mihalcioiu takes active part in the youth organisation of the National Liberal Party, Cluj county branch where he serves for several years as Coordinative Secretary. He also serves as adviser to Prof.dr.eng. Anton Ionescu, MP.

In 2002 Adrian Mihalcioiu graduates Electrical Engineering at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. In 2002 he joins the PhD program at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca under the advising of Prof.dr.eng. Alexandru IUGA.

In 2003 he joins the PhD program at Poitiers University under the advising of Prof.dr.eng. Lucian Dascalescu on the framework of a co-tutored PhD program agreement and with a scholarship support from the French Government.

After successfully defending his PhD Thesis in December 2005 Adrian Mihalcioiu receives the PhD degree from Poitiers University with the distinction "Très Honorable" and from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca with the distinction "Magna Cum Laude".

His research involved the development of measurement techniques and virtual instrumentation for the study and control of electrostatic processes. His published papers also cover the optimization of electrostatic separation processes and SPC.

Adrian Mihalcioiu took part in the development of plasma combined exhaust gas aftertreatment system for super clean diesel hybrid engine as a researcher for the Japan Science and Technology Agency (2006 - 2007) and in the development of the electrostatic purification system for refrigerant recycling as a researcher (2007 - 2008) for Chubu Science and Technology Center - Nagooya.

Adrian Mihalcioiu was a member of Prof. Akira Mizuno's research group at Toyohashi University of Technology, Ecological Engineering Department from 2007, july until March, 2009.

From 2009 to 2011 he worked on aerospace projects at Supélec, in Département Energie in Paris and then at Institute P' Institut P' UPR 3346 Département Fluides, Thermique, Combustion, Branche Fluides, in Poitiers, France.

In november 2011 he joined D2T Powertrain Engineering (than a subsidiary of "IFP Energies nouvelles", now a member of FEV Group) providing expertise to customers Renault and PSA.

He is a member of IEEE / Industry Applications Society (since 2005) and of Institute of Electrostatics Japan ( IEJ since 2008). Adrian Mihalcioiu published over 21 papers in international journals and conferences and in 2005 and 2009 he received the IEEE James Melcher Prize Paper Award from the Electrostatic Processes Committee of Industry Application Society.

Dr. Adrian Mihalcioiu