Abbreviations and Notations

For the sake of completeness, the most relevant notations used in this text are summarized below:


C – Conductor

CCF – Composite Centred-Face, centred design

DAQ – Data Acquisition

DoE – Design of Experiments

ESVM – Electrostatic Voltmeter

GPIB – General-Purpose Interface Bus (IEEE-488)

HDPE – High Density Polyethylene

HV – High Voltage

M – Middling

NC – Nonconductor

PE – Polyethylene

PVC – Polyvinylchloride

RPM – Revolutions per minute

SPC – Statistical Process Control

VI – Virtual Instrument

VISA – Virtual Instrumentation Software Architecture


α1 – Angular position of corona electrode [°]

α2 – Angular position of electrostatic electrode [°]

γ – Angular position of the splitter [°]

σ – Standard deviation

c – Metal content [%]

Cp – Capability index

E – Electric field strength [V/m]

G – Global performance index [%]

n – Roll speed [RPM]

s1, d1 – Radial position of corona electrode [m]

s2, d2 – Radial position of electrostatic electrode [m]

q, Q – Charge [C]

R – Roll radius [m]

RH- Relative humidity [%]

U – High voltage level [V]